Boudoir Bizarre, April 17th, 2021, Club Panama, Amsterdam, NL

Edition XXXII, (4th attempt)
April 17th, 2021, at Club Panama, Amsterdam, NL
also cancelled.

As you know the Corona Virus screwed up our lives like there's no tomorrow. Fortunately there will always a tomorrow and a next Boudoir Bizarre. After cancelling three editions, now April 17th, 2021 is what we're shooting for. Everything else will stay the same, so...

Don't miss this unique Fetish event. A real Old School Fetish event for the all Fetishists, BDSM players, Goths, TV's, HeHoBi's, Swingers, Cyberotics, Burlesques, you name it... Real Fetish shows and Trance in the main Hall with Bizarre Walk arounds and Real BDSM acts, The Second Hall reserved for the Alternative and Goth minded Pervs with Industrial, EBM and 80's sounds BDSM acts and Bondage Shows. Enter this website to see who's on stage and who's spinning. Don't miss out on the last 90's style Fetish Party in the NL.

Oh, not all the info is updated yet, but will be in the ext few weeks...

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And remember, at Boudoir Bizarre everybody is a V.I.P.
So dress like V.I.P. Act like V.I.P. And we will treat you like V.I.P. !!!

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Presale Fetish Shops: (not on sale yet)
DEMASK, Amsterdam, 020-4233090
MAIL & FEMALE, Amsterdam, 020-6234506
DIABOLO, Amsterdam, 020-6233916
RINGS OF PLEASURE, Haarlem, 023-5425181
LACED UP, Utrecht, 030-2333266
THE FUNHOUSE, The Hague, 070-2125468
SILHOUETTE, Rotterdam, 010-4130516
WOW, Eindhoven, 040-2135353
ON TOP OF LOVE, Den Bosch, 073-6100011
DESIRE SHOP, Alkmaar, 072-7850245
LEFSTORE 2.0, Moordrecht, 06-18594561

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